Why use Hautetown Booking?

When you are organizing an event and you need talent, stage hands, security, photography and more! Make all the connections you need for a night to remember with Hautetown Booking.
Hautetown Booking will provide a platform for up and coming artists to be seen and heard. Broadcast your performances through your Hautetown Booking profile and let casters, event planners and more book you on the spot after watching your online auditions. We're also providing an online central for event planners and event support to connect and book as well!

About Hautetown Booking

We offer a central point for event planners to locate performance artists and entertainment hands at the click of mouse! Simply create a profile and start auditioning and interviewing potentials on the spot though their profiles! Profiles can be searched by location, specific talent needs and even by price point.

Performance Artists and entertainment hands will create profiles describing their services and costs. Links can be added to performance videos and Hautetown interviews for instant online auditions. Calendars will be displayed for each profile to show hours/days of availability.

Once an even planner has chosen to book, he will contact the artist/hand after reviewing dates and times of availability. If the artist/hand chooses to accept the booking, a contract will be provided by either party with agreed upon stipulations. Once the agreement is signed, the event is booked!

Book yourself with Hautetown Booking!!